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Re: JamMan upgrades

 Earlier this week Greg Hogan said this about Stew's post:

>Stew Benedict asked:"Does anyone have the exact spec (generic part number 
>whatever) for the Jamman "zip" memory?"
>The answer is 1Mega Byte x 4 bits at100 nanoseconds or faster 20 pin zip
>style DRAM, quantity 4.
>Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that 
>can do for you.
>Best regards,
>Greg Hogan
>Lexicon Customer Service
>Phone 617-280-0372
>FAX 617-280-0499
>email: ghogan@lexicon.com

I found these manufacturer names and numbers for the chips in the Jam
Manual on page 22. I don't think they have been posted before so here goes.
Hope it helps.

Motorola         MCM54400AZ

Hitachi             HM514400AZP

NEC                 D424400V

Fujitsu             MB814400

Mitsubishi        M5M44400L

Micron             MT4C4001JZ

I got mine from Chips for Less at 1-800-820-6009. I think they charge about
$110 nowadays. Just say you want the RAM for the Jam Man and they'll know
exactly what you are looking for. According to others on the list you can
probably get it cheaper if you look around, but if you are having trouble
finding it, they do have it.

Also since there have been some new folks subscribing to the list and
others talking about buying up the cheap Jam Man units that are still out
there, I thought it might be good to repeat some info regarding proposed
software and hardware upgrades to the Jam Man that I heard about. Back on
January 3,1997 I spoke to Bob Sellon at Lexicon.
Here's what I posted to the list:

>I just called and spoke with Bob for several minutes about some of this
>stuff and he said a couple of things:
> He is currently working on some JamMan mods. Lexicon is interested in
>licensing the software to Bob and another fellow to make some upgrades
>which include hearing multiple loops simultaneously, more odd time
>signature MIDI clock support,and some other tweaks which I can't recall
>now. The other proposed mod would be hardware including more memory for
>longer delay times and yes --STEREO INS AND OUTS.
> I told him about our list and he said for anyone interested in these
>JamMan tweaks to email him at <bsellon@lexicon.com>  so he can see how 
>interest and support is there for these mods and also to keep us posted on
>their progress

I have not heard from Bob since so I don't know anything new, but if you
haven't emailed him yet please do so.
I also gave Bob our email address and told him to post directly to the list
if there is any news.

 Later Ed