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Re: Magic: Finding that voice

Thanks Olivier for your eloquent thoughts re: Finding the Magic. It's the
constant search that keeps most of us going. And it reminds me of the 
arguments I had in my recent past. Back in the dim dark daze of my Lexicon 
I remember having extended arguments with certain peoples there who 
that the bulk of the "musicians" out there--i.e. potential buying market-- 
abosultely no interest in finding a unique voice, and creating new and
innovative musics. The certain peoples at Lexland insisted that, indeed, 
these "musicians" were seeking was "getting laid". They have no interest in
something new, they only want to copy what sold. 

So, thank you to all who've been sharing with us your secrets of creative
magic--I'm thoroughly gratified to encounter so many forward-thinking 
May you all find what you're seeking.