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Re: Magic: Finding that voice

>Thanks Olivier for your eloquent thoughts re: Finding the Magic. It's the
>constant search that keeps most of us going. And it reminds me of the
>>disturbing arguments I had in my recent past. Back in the dim dark daze 
>of my
>>Lexicon past, I remember having extended arguments with certain peoples 
>>who insisted that the bulk of the "musicians" out there--i.e. potential
>buying >market-- have abosultely no interest in finding a unique voice, 
>creating >new and innovative musics.

I think they're probably right.  THE BULK.  Not ALL.  An ad for Fiat for
their new sportscar in the UK recently went like this:

In total, about a million people will see this ad.
Of those, only about 300,000 will read it.
Only 10,000 of those will be interested enough to see a dealer.
Finally only 1,000 will drive one away.

It's that 1000 we're talking to.

(I'm paraphrasing here)

> The certain peoples at Lexland insisted that, indeed, all
> these "musicians" were seeking was "getting laid". They have no interest 
> something new, they only want to copy what sold. 

Well, now you mention it....  :)
This is fine for the teens who spend their saturdays banging out Nirvana at
the guitar store on Saturdays.  These people will never be able to afford
Lexicon anyway - they'll get their Dod pedals, or maybe aspire to a ValveFX
through their Peaveys.  And as they say, the bulk of guitar owners are like
Out of interest, were you discussing the Vortex at the time?

BUT Lex' market is for people who know what they want and what they want to
achieve with it.  No-one spends $3000 on a reverb in order to get laid.  It
would be cheaper to pay to get laid. 

>So, thank you to all who've been sharing with us your secrets of creative
>magic--I'm thoroughly gratified to encounter so many forward-thinking

There may only be 100 of us on this list, but in the wild that's a big
enough population to repopulate a species. 


Dr Michael Pycraft Hughes      Bioelectronic Research Centre, Rankine Bldg,
Tel: (+44) 141 330 5979        University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, U.K.
    "Wha's like us?  Damn few, and they're a' deid!" - Scottish proverb