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What loopers are left now?

G'day all,

With the demise of the JamMan, does that leave the Echoplex and Boomerang
alone in the looping market?  It seems like there's a pretty big gap
between these two in terms of cost and capability.

BTW, I tried to pick up a JamMan from San Jose GC last week.  No luck -
they couldn't get their hands on any from other GCs either, even though I
offered to pay freight and leave a deposit.  I guess that's the end of the
cheap JamMen.  OTOH, I did buy two Korg Pandoras for $US169 each - it gives
me the best distortion/overdriven sound on my Stick that I've heard, and
the price is right.  Why two of them?  Well, here in Oz I've seen them sell
secondhand for $A600 (=$US450)...

Dave Mitchell