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RE: Sampler as Looper


> I use it for live performances where I am sampling/looping/processing
> sounds made by other musicians. (...) During the performance, 
> I'll have the other players improvise for a few minutes, 
> while I put the sampler into re-sample mode, and grab their audio. 

reminds me of the old days of Roxy Music when Brian Eno was still in the
band. He didn't just wear his feather boa and produce funny sounds on his
VCS-3 but also used to secretly record parts of the band performance, then
process and playback some of it later during the concert, always making for
some sort of surprise. Too bad I never got to see them live.

Michael Peters   
private:        100041.247@compuserve.com
work:   mp@harold-scholz.de

(Never pistle while you whee)