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Re: Starting again

>All I have to add is that despite what Fripp says, I'm into music 
>because it's FUN, dammit, and when the time comes that music is no longer
>fun for me, then I'm getting off that bus.

You have to be careful with statements like that, because in all 
likelyhood, you will reach a time when music is no longer fun for you, 
and you may very well find that despite that, you don't want to get off 
the bus.  Variations on "hope I die before I get old" always come back to 
bite you.  The question is, how are you going to handle the absence of 
fun in making music?  A marriage isn't always fun, and if you expect it 
to be so, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Travis Hartnett

"When you're tired, you've had enough, and can't do anything, don't do 
anything.  And while you're not doing anything, practice." 
--Guitar Craft aphorism