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Re: Kyma

Jim poked:
>I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Kyma system
>at Symbolic Sound a couple weeks ago, and have to say that
>in addition to all the other things it can do, Kyma makes
>a kick-ass looper.  The wavetable RAM (i.e. were digital audio
>is held) can be configured to hold any number of delays and samples,
>then sampler objects can be used to read from delays or samples
>(or any part of wavetable memory). The sampler objects can have
>their playback rates and looping points modified in real time
>by any control signal (midi CC, envelope folowers, etc).  Using
>an lfo on the playback rate, we were able to get a chorus effect,
>and by moving the looping points w/ midi CC messages, all sorts
>of neat rythmic modulations could be created from a simple starting

So this is all controllable graphically, somewhat like MAX?

Can you operate the looper while playing?
I guess you can configure foot switches to do the jobs. Did you?

Yes, I would like to hear some more, seams to be a futuristic machine!