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Re: Kyma

Greetings everyone. The Kyma system uses a separate rackmountable unit
called the Capybara for its I/Os and DSP
processing. This is cool because it does not rely on the host computer
for its number crunching, and is expandable 
through the addition of more processing cards for expanded capabilities.
The system itself is very sophisticated, and highly configurable. It is
like having a very advanced modular synthesizer in your computer. On
this machine you have access to virtually any synthesis technique
ever deviced, some of these include 
subtractive, additive, granular, FM, resynthesis, and much much more!
You could not only use it as a regular midi instrument, but also as a
very advanced sound processor to manipulate any sound source, and of
course it wouldn't be any fun if every parameter wasn't controllable
through MIDI. You could set up MAX to really freak it out!!
The one drawback is that it is expensive
(around 3000.00 for a basic system) so start saving up! I sure would
love to have 
such a powerful system.

Carlos R. Carrillo