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Re: Kyma

> Greetings everyone. The Kyma system uses a separate rackmountable unit

I like the "rackmountable" part. Combine this with a laptop computer to
play "host" and it sounds like we'd have a portable setup.

> called the Capybara for its I/Os and DSP
> processing. This is cool because it does not rely on the host computer
> for its number crunching, and is expandable 
> through the addition of more processing cards for expanded capabilities.
> The system itself is very sophisticated, and highly configurable. It is
> like having a very advanced modular synthesizer in your computer. On
> this machine you have access to virtually any synthesis technique
> ever deviced, some of these include 
> subtractive, additive, granular, FM, resynthesis, and much much more!
> You could not only use it as a regular midi instrument, but also as a
> very advanced sound processor to manipulate any sound source, and of
> course it wouldn't be any fun if every parameter wasn't controllable
> through MIDI. You could set up MAX to really freak it out!!
> The one drawback is that it is expensive
> (around 3000.00 for a basic system) so start saving up! I sure would

But if you add up the cost of separate samplers, synths, and effects
processors  to put together a system of comparable power, the Kyma-
Capybara combo sounds like a heck of a bargain.

BTW, I heard of a trackball you can control with your foot!  I can
imagine some twisted genius thinking of ways to use it to control
effects/MIDI/looping devices.

Paolo Valladolid
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