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Korg G1 Distortion Processor For Sale

Not exactly loop or Stick related but perhaps someone is interested:

Korg G1 Distortion Processor

9 preset distortions:  (6 actually + 3 with Wah)

Classic OD
Tube OD
High Gain Distortion
Shred Distortion
Classic OD

Classic OD + Wah
High Gain Dist + Wah
Shred Dist + Wah

Speaker Simlation
Digital Delay
Input/Output Level

User Programmable
Programmable Gain/Patch

Bank Select/Program Footswitches 9 Patches

Expression Pedal Jack (Wah)
Tuner Jack
Headphone Jack
Amp/Line Outputs

I've had it two months, not a bad box, but I don't need it
now with an SE-70.

Asking $100, I'll pick up the shipping.

Stew Benedict