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new plex!!!!!!!!!

finally managed to rustle up one of these guys! a good price($569+110 
the only problems is the retailer lost the manual. they're going to work on
it, but i'm antsy. i was wondering if anybody(kim?) could give me a contact
for a manual. that would ensure my getting one.

the other thing is more difficult or easier, while i've read most of the
site, if some kind soul could put togather some terse words about each of 
buttons on this guy(oops wrong product!) it would be really cool.

i've been looking forward to joining you all in this somewhat circular 
my only tool to this point was my rp-10, which i've managed to make work, 
1.8 sec absolute max was just not nearly enough.

thanks to all the loopers out there for their input/output especially with
the site.