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Re: new plex!!!!!!!!!

At 6:55 PM 3/1/97, MiqSk8@aol.com wrote:
>finally managed to rustle up one of these guys! a good price($569+110 
>the only problems is the retailer lost the manual. they're going to work 
>it, but i'm antsy. i was wondering if anybody(kim?) could give me a 
>for a manual. that would ensure my getting one.

You could try contacting Oberheim directly:

732 Kevin Ct.
Oakland, CA 94633

(I use "directly" very loosly there ;-)  )

Or you can try Gibson's customer service, where you will have a much
greater chance of talking to a friendly and possibly useful human:

or 1-615-871-4500

Someday, when I have more time than I do at the moment, I will be putting
the echoplex manual on the website in pdf format. (The original quark files
somehow got on my disk, I have no idea how, honest) Several people have
asked for that lately, so I'll try to get to it soon.

>the other thing is more difficult or easier, while i've read most of the
>site, if some kind soul could put togather some terse words about each of 
>buttons on this guy(oops wrong product!) it would be really cool.

someone else mind taking a crack at that? I'm too busy at the moment....


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