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Re: Kyma

> In a message dated 97-03-01 21:53:34 EST, you write:
> > Another exciting new technology is a chip developed by Analog Devices,
> >  which uses
> >  a very advanced sound creation language
> >  called Csound to generate realtime effects
> >  and instruments. Hopefully, these chips will find their way into the
> >  innards of your favorite gear in the near future. 
> >  
>      If you have a computer running at 133Mhz or faster, you can run 
> in real time. The best part about it is that you can download Csound for
> FREE! They have it at the Keyboard Mag. website - www.keyboardmag.com
>      Marc

True, but I'd still rather have the sound-realted operations running
on a separate processor rather than tying up the CPU of my computer.

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