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Re: Kyma

Not having to rely on a computer is what interested me most about
the Analog Devices chip. I am not completely sure about all of its
capabilities, but it wouldn't be hard to imagine a processor which could
easily be modified by the user. Think of the new possibilities consumers
could explore if we were given the freedom to load up different
instrument, effects, recording, or sequencing algorithms. Imagine a
rackmount unit that could be a synthesizer, a looper, a pitchshifter,
etc. All of this could be manipulated by customizable realtime
controllers such as the Peavey PC-1600, or a midi footpedal.
I am probably going a little too far with the above description,
but wouldn't it be wonderful if a manufacturer had the guts to create a
tool of such versatility? Wouldn't it be great if they could trust us to
decide what tools and features we need or want? I know home computers
and their software can now do a lot, but their unreliable operating
systems, noisy hardware, lack of tactile control, and bulk, make for a
capricious and sometimes annoying creative tool.  

Carlos R. Carrillo