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Re: Effects Processor with Random Function

> Does anyone know of an effects processor that produces completely 
> random and unpredictable effects each time its continuous controller 
> pedal is pressed?

the digitech studio quad has built in LFOs which can be assigned to
modulate any parameter of any effect. the LFO can also be controlled in
speed and waveform.

i've experimented with these a little, and even on the surface you can
create wild sounds. lately i've tried to step out from behind the fx, so
to speak, so i haven't programmed any new sounds but i will again soon.

i think the eventide units have this LFO/parameter ability. what other
units are other?

**  Dan Howarth, History/Music, University of Arizona, Tucson **
**  http://www.u.arizona.edu/~howarth (under construction)    **