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Re: Kyma

> I know home computers
>and their software can now do a lot, but their unreliable operating
>systems, noisy hardware, lack of tactile control, and bulk, make for a
>capricious and sometimes annoying creative tool.

I love the power and visual ease of working with a computer but you hit the
nail right on the head on why it just sometimes isn't very inspiring or
*fun*. Well spoken.

I sometimes get tripped up in trying to pick the best tool for the job, and
I think I've sort of been "in denial" that sometimes working with the
computer is "annoying".

Also know there's lots of times I've capturing something with JamMan that I
wished I would have first layered and multi-tracked into the computer
(Logic Audio being my fav), before it became permanently mixed in mono!

Portland, OR USA