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Living on a rock

I'm not a loopster yet, but it's something I've been trying to get into for
the last year or two. My problem is that I live in Hong Kong, and can't 
anywhere that sells the Echoplex, which, I gather from various discussions
around, is the mutt's nuts.

So.... how can I get hold of an Echoplex plus pedal in this hi-tech hick
town? Does anyone have a contact for the manufacturer so that I could find
out if they have any dealers out here? Is anyone coming to Hong Kong with a
spare few kilos of baggage allowance in the near future? Do I really need 
Echoplex or is there something better by, say, Yamaha, who seem to have HK
sewn up?

Any answers to these questions would be appreciated. Meanwhile I'll 
to lurk and vicariously enjoy the idea of looping.

Jim Morgan. 
Monday morning. 
Hong Kong.