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Re: Living on a rock

At 5:14 PM 3/9/97, Jim Morgan wrote:
>I'm not a loopster yet, but it's something I've been trying to get into 
>the last year or two. My problem is that I live in Hong Kong, and can't 
>anywhere that sells the Echoplex, which, I gather from various discussions
>around, is the mutt's nuts.
>So.... how can I get hold of an Echoplex plus pedal in this hi-tech hick
>town? Does anyone have a contact for the manufacturer so that I could find
>out if they have any dealers out here? Is anyone coming to Hong Kong with 
>spare few kilos of baggage allowance in the near future? Do I really need 
>Echoplex or is there something better by, say, Yamaha, who seem to have HK
>sewn up?

I'm pretty sure that Yamaha doesn't make anything with useful looping
ability! And as far as I know, I won't be heading to Hong Kong soon. I do
know Oberheim's address and phone# though:

Oberheim Synthesizers
732 Kevin Court
Oakland, CA 94633

I'm doubt that there are any Oberheim/echoplex dealers in Hong Kong, but
you could ask them. Or you can try a US dealer, they might ship overseas.
Banana's at Large is usually pretty good:

Bananas at Large
1504 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Phone (415)457-7600
Fax (415)457-9148

At the moment, Oberheim is finishing up the first production run they have
done in a while, so everyone seems to be out of stock. Echoplecis should be
easier to get in a month or so.

>Any answers to these questions would be appreciated. Meanwhile I'll 
>to lurk and vicariously enjoy the idea of looping.
>Jim Morgan.
>Monday morning.
>Hong Kong.

sorry about that change of government thing.....If you score an echoplex,
you may soon be the only looper I know in China, huh?

Actually, that makes me wonder. I don't know much about Chinese music
traditions. Does anyone know if there are any looping parallels there, in
the way there are with other musics about the world?


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