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Re: wake up!

James Reynolds wrote:

> all this fun stuff is MIDI-synced to the jamman of my mentally unbalanced
> guitarist, some colored floodlights and pulsating christmas lights (which
> we wear - "suits of light"), and some dark lazy tweaked out funk beats.
> theremin and radio noises round the sound out.  pretty standard stuff.  

  Radio noise and a theremin... pretty standard stuff? I must be a
conservative looper. My band uses a Boomerang to fatten our sound and
add parts since we consist of only guitar bass and percussion. I only
occasionally bring mine out to a gig, but our sound is wed to our bass
player's layered approach to creating a groove. Sometimes I think he
uses it to take a breather. I'll be soloing over his foundation and look
around to hand it back to him (he's the lead singer) and he's sipping on
a Bud watching the female scenery! Isn't technology wonderful. 
  I'd like to make a formal request for a picture of your human light
show. Your band sounds really interesting. No really, I'm serious.

-- ==  Motley  == --