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Re: wake up!

Almost forgot to reply to this one:

At 11:31 AM 3/14/97, MiqSk8@aol.com wrote:
>i've noticed a lot of silence on several lists this week...
>well i finally got my manual, but have had zero time to implement. did 
>to find 4megs of memory out in the garage to up my plex to 50 sec, it's 
>be fun.
>i have to agree about the pedal- so far the best luck i've had recording 
>been to hold it down the entire time and then up to end. in stocking feet
>sitting down! kinda surprised by this-is this sensitivity level common?

Using a pedal with a looper just takes some practice, I think. You have to
learn to tap in time with loop you want to create. When I've demo'ed the
plex to people and let them try it, I've often been surprised at how many
don't realize that the taps to start and stop the loop are musical events,
and must be in time. A lot of people tap the record and start the loop, and
then start playing some time after. Or they will stop playing the phrase
they want to loop, and then tap the record switch to end the loop after a
leisurely pause.

Practice it a bit, you'll get the hang of it.

>another random thing flew by me as well-kim, matthias, was there a reason 
>either a 16mb limit on 30 pin simms or not using 72 pin simms? silly minds
>want to know.

I don't think 72 pin simms were even available when the echoplex hardware
was designed. Or maybe they were brand new. Is that a good reason?

An amazing thing to realize: when the plex first came out, 4MB SIMMs cost
about $200 each. So at the time it cost $800 to upgrade an echoplex to the
full 200 seconds. As you might imagine, there were not a lot of people
willing to do that! (although a lot of users did, actually) So that is one
reason for the 16MB limit. At the time, it was extravagantly large. Another
reason is technical, since the address space of a 68000 just isn't nearly
as big as newer processors. We probably could have worked around that
somehow, but there didn't seem to be much point.

The same 4MB simms are now available in my local computer/electronics store
(fry's) for $17. So fully upgrading an echoplex now costs less than $80!


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