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New Roland Guitar Synth

Glad there was mention of the Roland Guitar synth - GR-30. I'm currently
reviewing one for Recording magazine. 

I've only had a chance to work with it a few times, but it's very nice.
Looks just like the previous one, the GR-09. Roland has worked on the
tracking and it rarely glitches! It's very clean. Response time is very
good. Roland also has included an arpeggiator and harmonist. And there
are a ton of sounds (more than the GR09 including the expansion board).
Even better is that the price is very reasonable - I think it lists for
$895. Sounds are good too. Needless to say, I like it.

Anyone interested can email me for Recording's publication date,
probably around July.

J. Arif Verner
Infinite Sound

PS - My Web Site has other tech articles I have published - including a
bunch on guitar synthesis. Check it out!

PPS - By the way, synths are great for looping too! Has anyone tried it?
It's wonderful, but it really should be in stereo. I used synths loops
on my last album using the Yamaha D5000 (a very interesting box!).