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Re: echoplex manual/vortex&jamman manual

At 4:39 AM 3/23/97, Stew Benedict wrote:
>I don't know how far Travis is on the vortex manual project.  But I've
>got a scanned version I did while back for another looper who had one
>with no manual.  I don't want to get into any copyright problems with
>Lexicon (Thoughts Greg?), but I could make this available.
>Stew Benedict

Why don't you two collaborate on it? If you guys can manage to get it into
a pdf file that is not unreasonably large, that would be perfect. The best
way to do that is with the original files, rather than from a scan.

Hey Greg, any chance Lexicon would let us use the original manual files to
make nice digitized versions for the Looper's Delight site? Also, is it ok
to put them up there? (I can't imagine why it wouldn't be ok, since it
would only be helping you guys out. Might even reduce the customer service
call volume a bit, huh?)


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