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Re: New on list

Kim Flint wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >My name is Robert van der Kamp, I'm from Holland and
> >I just suscribed on the list. I *never* did any looping,
> >but I promise you this will change. :)
> Welcome Robert!


> >
> >I'm about to buy me an Echoplex (seems like the best choice?),
> >and I was wondering if there any tricky details to keep in
> >mind when buying a (used) model. Will I always be able to do
> >software updates (which is great, btw), or do I need some modern
> >model? (Don't even know if there *are* any different models).
> Well, for looping, you want to be sure you are getting the Oberheim
> Echoplex Digital Pro, and not the old tape based Echoplex delay unit from
> the early 70's. Sometimes when you are buying used it's hard to tell 
> one the seller has. There is only one model of the Oberheim Echoplex. You
> will be able to do software updates to it as long as there is someone
> making software for it, and at the moment, someone is...

Oops! Didn't know about the tape based plex. Good tip! :)
Good thing, these updates. 



> kim
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