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Re: New on list

>Hi all,
>My name is Robert van der Kamp, I'm from Holland and
>I just suscribed on the list. I *never* did any looping,
>but I promise you this will change. :)

Welcome Robert!

>I'm about to buy me an Echoplex (seems like the best choice?),
>and I was wondering if there any tricky details to keep in
>mind when buying a (used) model. Will I always be able to do
>software updates (which is great, btw), or do I need some modern
>model? (Don't even know if there *are* any different models).

Well, for looping, you want to be sure you are getting the Oberheim
Echoplex Digital Pro, and not the old tape based Echoplex delay unit from
the early 70's. Sometimes when you are buying used it's hard to tell which
one the seller has. There is only one model of the Oberheim Echoplex. You
will be able to do software updates to it as long as there is someone
making software for it, and at the moment, someone is...


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