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Re: VG-8 (was New Roland Guitar Synth - Reactions?)

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997 21:55:48 +0100 Robert van der Kamp <robnet@pi.net>
>PainPete@aol.com wrote:
>> ( Sorry I'm missing the model # ) - Has anyone heard this unit? I've 
>>heard that it actually builds waveforms upon the signal of the guitar 
>>itself, no simple triggering (I am not speaking within my expertise
here, so 
>>forgive me if this is wrong somehow). I guess it uses the new physical
>> approach. Would anyone care to venture an opinion?
>> (I ask because I'm waiting for the ultimate guitar synth to do loops
>I guess you're talking about the VG-8, an relatively expensive
>unit using Rolands new COSM technology. I never heard it, though.
>They say its *very* fast indeed.
Definitely speaking of the VG-8.  I have heard it (on the demo CD) and
played it.
I like it so much, I'm trading or selling most of my rig to get one.  The
are a little buzzy and not very open, but usable.  This is based on
playing in a music
store, so with tweezing I'm sure the presets can be improved on.  The
only other 
thing I don't like is the lack of MIDI control.

It caught my attention because of the ability to tune each string over a
+/- 1 oct 
range, the multiple guitar/pickup models  and the Harmonic Restructure
(HRM).  There is a recent upgrade which adds new guitar, pickup,and  amp
as well as a few new control features.   

I plan to use some unreplaceable pedals in the straight guitar loop and
run the VG-8
outputs into a Vortex and stereo mic pre (any suggestions?) to feed a

I have an extra copy of the demo cd that I'll give up for postage and a
of original music.   BTW, is anyone interested in starting a tape tree? 
And what's
happening with the CD?

Robert Williams