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Re: wake up!

> Nice to see there are other Jamman users> I got mine before I really new
> about the Plex, Now hoping to get one. Anyone here have both and how do
> work together.
> Thanks,
> Kelly

i was in the same situation as you - got my jamman before i ever knew there
was such a thing as an echoplex.  actually, i'm glad i have both now.  all
dedicated looping devices (that i know of) have one fundamental limitation,
at least for the way i want to make loop-based music:  they can only play
one loop at a time.  sure, you can layer and all that fun stuff, but if you
want to have one continuous background loop and fade new loops in and out,
you're out of luck.

i make most of my noises with a bass, so i lay my bass groove down into the
jamman, then stomp my A/B into the plex for the weird textural stuff
(harmonics, feedback into wah, volume pedal, vortex).  another advantage of
having two loopers:  you can route their outputs separately.  the jamman
goes into my bass amp, and the vortex/echoplex go into the PA (the vortex
goes thru the mixer to the PA stereo, and an effects send feeds the vortex
into the plex, which returns mono)  

all this fun stuff is MIDI-synced to the jamman of my mentally unbalanced
guitarist, some colored floodlights and pulsating christmas lights (which
we wear - "suits of light"), and some dark lazy tweaked out funk beats. 
theremin and radio noises round the sound out.  pretty standard stuff.  :)

ok, got a bit off topic, but what self-respecting electronic musician can
resist an opportunity to yammer about his setup?  :)