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Re: wake up!

>Nice to see there are other Jamman users> I got mine before I really new
>about the Plex, Now hoping to get one. Anyone here have both and how do 
>work together.

Yeah, I am currently using 2 Echoplex DP's, 2 Jam Mans, and 2 vortexes, all
running off the 6 effects sends of my mixer.  I use the Jam Mans primarily
as delays, usually with a feedback of one.  This allows me to delay either
my direct sound or the loops, and also allows me to separate the delays in
the stereo field. For instance I might get a loop going in EDP #1, and pan
the loop to the left.  THen , I'll send that loop to the Jam Man delay (set
to a 100% Wet mix) and pan that to the right.  I might do the same with EDP
#2, and pan them opposite (ie. loop --> right, delayed loop --> left).
Then, just in case I haven't already created a muddy mess, I can run either
the direct signal, the loop, or the delayed loop into the vortexes, which
have their own stereo field....This allows me to create nice spatial

I ought to mention: I find it challenging NOT to create a muddy mess, using
this setup.  I find that using crisper, thinner sounds and simple, sparse
inital loops, gives me the best results in the end.  Also, this is probably
an under-usage of the JamMan's potenital, but the EDP's handle my looping
needs, and where else can you get "tapable" delay with 30 (or even 8)
seconds delay time?

Getting back into looping,