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Re: wake up!

>Nice to see there are other Jamman users> I got mine before I really new
>about the Plex, Now hoping to get one. Anyone here have both and how do 
>work together.

As a long-time JamMan user who has borrowed an Echoplex Pro for the last 3
months (supposed to go home tomorrow, sob), here's my german car analogy:
The JamMan is a VW bug, simple, easy to work with, cheap, doesn't do a lot,
but does what it does well and predictably, while the Echoplex is a
Mercedes, very elegant design and interface, expensive, but worth it, and
you really have to know how to drive it to get the benefits.

OK, end of pointless automotive analogies...

I saw an ad in EQ for a Symmetrix delay box that is supposedly meant to be
an update of the PCM 42 and Time Bandit. Sounds quite cool (has knobs on
the front panel and !Resonant Filters! yeah!), but nowhere in the ad does
it mention anything about total delay time, or if it's expandable. Anyone
know anything about this? Or what it will cost?

Also, a friend is looking for a JamMan, and can't find any from any of the
local dealers or mail order places. Does anyone out there know where you
can actually buy one? Or has their era truly passed, alas...

Dave Trenkel, NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: improv@peak.org
self promotional web-site: http://www.peak.org/~improv/
"A squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag is fast
and bulbous, got me?"
                                     -Captain Beefheart