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Re: wake up!

i've noticed a lot of silence on several lists this week...

well i finally got my manual, but have had zero time to implement. did 
to find 4megs of memory out in the garage to up my plex to 50 sec, it's 
be fun.

i have to agree about the pedal- so far the best luck i've had recording 
been to hold it down the entire time and then up to end. in stocking feet
sitting down! kinda surprised by this-is this sensitivity level common?

another random thing flew by me as well-kim, matthias, was there a reason 
either a 16mb limit on 30 pin simms or not using 72 pin simms? silly minds
want to know. 

i also talked again with dean fouts about an official stance on the pending
cu-eu and he said he forwarded it to his boss. i'm(we're) hoping this isn't
going to become dilbertesque.