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Re: wake up!

>Hey, all you loopers have been deathly silent the past few of days! I hope
>it's because you're all off looping some great music rather than working

well, how about some vortex patch sharing...here's a nice little variation
on Fractal B that really only changes depth1....everything's the same, but
I put the modFXlevel and mix all the way up at 64, and depth 1 at 64. also
i changed Feedback2 (the cross-feed mix) up to about 40. I controlled what
did/didn't go to loop with the envelope. Just a few changes, but my
telecaster sounded like the noises that huge spiders made in cheezy science
fiction movies.

Also, i never properly introduced myself to the list...I'm a high school
student in Santa barbara, ca. Lately, my true voice has been coming through
my upright bass, which i've studied for about 6 years now. i absolutely
love everying about it (except for the damn blisters which i STILL get). I
do have to use my JamMan, Vortex, and other instruments (chapman stick
being a favorite) from keeping my self from going insane (or from going
sane) with what I'm continually forced to do as far as music goes. Like I
tell everyone, I don't just want to try to play standards better than the
next guy for the rest of my life. I admire what the Charles Mingus' and
Ornette Coleman's of the world have done with music. Right now i'm hoping
to be able to go to CalArts in a few years (Mr. Haden!), and then make
millions of dollars while still preserving my art. yeah, that's the ticket.
Anyway, that's about it, as far as influences, I'd have to mention bill
frisell, charlie haden (just got the liberation music orchestra disc,
finally), john medeski, beck, trent reznor, crimson, john s. hall,
buckethead, mr. torn, bill laswell, dj shadow, david lynch (Lost Highway
was great no matter what the critics say), sun ra, ralph wiggum, etc. Thank
you for your time. =)

BTW, are there any turntable folk on this list? Anyone know of a nice group
of vinyl folk?


Ryan Blum          "...to play 'Giant Steps' because you can seems
lowfrqcy@west.net     ridiculous to me. I went through that, but
                       I was 14 years old."      - John Medeski