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My Self-Introduction to This Group


I've been watching these messages fill my inbox now for a number of weeks,
and thought I'd introduce myself.

My name's Stephen Goodman, I'm in the LA area, contracting in
software/hardware/networks/etc, during the day, composing (or compositing)
ambient loops during the evening.  Presently I'm working on a variety of
material, all of it for final release (whether self-published or otherwise)
sometime in the next 1.5 years:

"Book Of Days", a CD-ROM for PCs (rel. date 7-8/97)
"Songs From A Tunnel", an audio CD (rel. date 7-8/97)
"Solitaire", an audio CD (rel.date 7/98)
"Velvet Smog" (working title), an audio CD of covers (rel. date sometime in

...as well as various web projects, designs, and writings, most of which
may be found described on my EarthLight Studios web page at:

Two complete pieces may be found at the above site, "4 The World", a piece
produced for Christmas 1996, and "Examen du Lapin", both RealAudio (but not
streaming on my server yet), as well as the Loop Of The Week, an ambient
guitar loop for your PC (Self-executing for Windows users, ZIPped .WAV for
all else, 44.1khz 16-bit stereo).

At this time I am preparing to perform publicly sometime in July-August, at
a variety of sites, from Ice Cream Parlours to Shopping Malls, to coincide
with the releases of Songs From A Tunnel and Book Of Days, but especially
to just Perform.  I'm sure it's not just me that's noticed that some folks
just love to watch you 'put it together'. :)

For my equipment I use an 89 Strat/Floyd Rose Tremolo, Oscar Schmidt
acoustic 6-string, E-bow, Digitech 7.6-second 'Time Machine', QuadraVerb+,
and a variety of recording equipment including my hard drive and Cool Edit.

Good luck to everyone here!  In the event that I travel I'd love to look
some of you up to perhaps jam, if not also publicly. :)

* Stephen Goodman            It's the Loop Of The Week!  And it's free!
* EarthLight Productions      http://www.primenet.com/~sgoodman/Studios