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Sorry, I must be going.

Well folks, it's been fun while it lasted, but I'm afraid I'll have to 
for a while. This wasn't my choice, rather that the bloated windbag who 
recently bought this company has decided that paying too many people means 
less money for him, so some of us have to go. Yep, I'm one of them. This 
will mean, therefore, that the e-mail address in my listing will be out of 
date as of the end of the month. I was hoping to contact a few more of you 
to try arranging trades of material but fear, alas, that time is against 
now. If anyone is interested, and would like to contact me here, please do 
so by the end of the week. Otherwise, it's snail mail.

I hope to have a new position soon, and will rejoin if a new address is 
available, but will have to wait and see. In the meantime, happy looping 

Jim B.