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Re: Re: Living on a rock

Kim Flint writes:
>ability! And as far as I know, I won't be heading to Hong Kong soon. I do
>know Oberheim's address and phone# though:

Thankyew thankyew thankyew. I'll drop them a line

>I'm doubt that there are any Oberheim/echoplex dealers in Hong Kong, but
>you could ask them. Or you can try a US dealer, they might ship overseas.
>Banana's at Large is usually pretty good:

Yes I tried them, but they only deal with USA.

>sorry about that change of government thing.....If you score an echoplex,
>you may soon be the only looper I know in China, huh?

No need to be sorry, as far as I can work out, the only reason why Hong 
was in British hands was the result of a dodgy drug deal about 100 years 

>Actually, that makes me wonder. I don't know much about Chinese music
>traditions. Does anyone know if there are any looping parallels there, in
>the way there are with other musics about the world?

Stabbing mightily in the dark here, but I'd guess that the tricky tonal
variations and rhythms would make traditional Chinese music a bit hard on 
ear if you loop it a lot and overlay it-- lotsa quarter tones don't sit on
top of each other too well. In fact some of the Chinese opera you hear 
is a bit hard on the ear before you loop it......ow.

Thanks for your help anyway, it is much appreciated.

Jim Morgan
Editor, Asia Inc Online