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Re: Boomerang (back attcha) (fwd)

>I've seen the Boomerang on sale for around $350 at Guitar Center, which is
>about $150 to $200 more than the Echoplex (which doesn't come with its own
>dedicated footpedal; that costs about $100 more).

I think you mean "$150 to $200 *less* than the Echoplex"....

BTW, since there's many Vortex enthusiasts here: does anyone have any ideas
about electronic control of the morphing?  I'd like to hook up a VCO
instead of a footpedal for slow, hands-off A-B transitions.  Asked Craig
Anderton about it, and while he wasn't familiar with the Vortex (cripes,
Craig...) he said that "if it is a matter of current control, an RCA 3080
might be used".