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Re: Boomerang (back attcha) (fwd)

The Man Himself wrote:

> I should also add that since I've only given the Boomerang a cursory spin
> in a music store, I don't claim 100% certainty on the above information;
> since Mike "Motley" Nelson is on the list, I'll readily defer to him if
> I'm in error regarding any of the above information.

  Actually, Andre, I feel your comments were fairly even handed and
honest, and I thank you for that. We don't offer the deepest unit or
have the highest sampling rate, but do offer a good sounding unit that
has a lot of features for the money. Also, the Rang has a much longer
recording time than the other loopers. We are planning a software
release around June that will include selectable decay rates and some
other useful features.

> I've seen the Boomerang on sale for around $350 at Guitar Center, which 
> about $150 to $200 more than the Echoplex (which doesn't come with its 
> dedicated footpedal; that costs about $100 more).

  I know you meant the Rang is $150 to $200 "less" than the Echoplex,
not "more". With the necessary pedal for the Echoplex the Rang is $250
to $300 less. And the standard Boomerang Phrase Sampler records for 32
seconds (1 minute on low sample rate), while the standard Echoplex
records for 12 seconds.

> Daniel Lanois apparently uses a Boomerang quite a bit; ...
> Lanois makes several mentions of soundtrack work he's done based around a
> guitar and a Boomerang pedal; I'd be interested to hear the results.

  Yeah, me too.

-- ==  Motley  == --