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You asked for it, and now you have it my friend!

nyfac2@nyfac.com writes:
>PS- what ever happened to all the talk about a loopers delight CD?  I
>kind of wanted to hear some your collective work...

Sorry for the delay in response.

Contributions have been trickling in, and going into a big paper bag in my
office.  I think I've now got enough to make a reasonably-long disk, and 
will be
getting on that soon.  Stay tuned.

(contributors may note that the dough they sent me, in some cases months 
ago, is
*also* in that big brown paper bag, so do not despair)

"As to guaranteeing bank deposits, the minute the government starts to
do that... the government runs into a probable loss.  We do not wish
to make the United States Government liable for the mistakes and
errors of individual banks, and put a premium on sound banking in the
future." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933