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Re: Mixer suggestion

In a message dated 97-03-24 14:55:02 EST, you write:

> I use a Mackie 1202VLZ, love it.
>  My guitar signal goes to an Digitech RP-6 
>  and I use it's cabinet simulator
>  to send a stereo signal to the Mackie.  
>  My JamMan is on the Aux 1 out/return loop. 
>  Then I use the Aux 2 out to feed a Fender amp.
>  Tape out and in go to my hard disk recording system
>  (Mac with Deck II)  Then the main outs got to the PA amplifier
>  It also has a headphone and control room send with
>  a fader.  The aux returns have faders also. 
>  I also bring in two keyboards and microphones to the Mackie.
>  (It has four XLR inputs with preamps for  the first four
>  channels (mono) also each channel has line level 
>  1/4 jack inputs, The last four channels are stereo line/level
>  (no preamps) 1/4 inch inputs)  The Mackie was recommended to me by
>  a trumpet player friend who likes the preamps.
>  They are sweet but I like the Mackie for its flexibility.
>  I can control how much of each channel I send to the
>  JamMan with the aux 1 send faders on each channel.
>  Each channel also has three band eq.  It's rack mountable
>  if you need that.  I'm using mine in a home studio
>  so It's on a desk next to Mac.
>  You can get one for about 310-350 bucks if you check
>  around.   I love this mixer.

     If you need more inputs, check out the 1402VLZ. If you need more 
and more sends, check out the 1604VLZ, or the LM3204. If you can find an
original 1202, or 1604, you can probably get a really good deal on them.
However, make sure that you can live without the extra options on the VLZ
     Take care, Marc