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Mixer suggestion

I plan to use some unreplaceable pedals in the straight guitar loop and
run the VG-8
outputs into a Vortex and stereo mic pre (any suggestions?) to feed a

I use a Mackie 1202VLZ, love it.
My guitar signal goes to an Digitech RP-6 
and I use it's cabinet simulator
to send a stereo signal to the Mackie.  
My JamMan is on the Aux 1 out/return loop. 
Then I use the Aux 2 out to feed a Fender amp.
Tape out and in go to my hard disk recording system
(Mac with Deck II)  Then the main outs got to the PA amplifier
It also has a headphone and control room send with
a fader.  The aux returns have faders also. 
I also bring in two keyboards and microphones to the Mackie.
(It has four XLR inputs with preamps for  the first four
channels (mono) also each channel has line level 
1/4 jack inputs, The last four channels are stereo line/level
(no preamps) 1/4 inch inputs)  The Mackie was recommended to me by
a trumpet player friend who likes the preamps.
They are sweet but I like the Mackie for its flexibility.
I can control how much of each channel I send to the
JamMan with the aux 1 send faders on each channel.
Each channel also has three band eq.  It's rack mountable
if you need that.  I'm using mine in a home studio
so It's on a desk next to Mac.
You can get one for about 310-350 bucks if you check
around.   I love this mixer.

good luck

John Ott
Information Technology Manager
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Advanced Technology Applications
401 Defense Highway
Annapolis MD 21401
(410) 266 1743