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Phila Loop Show big success

Hi folks,

The Mid-Atlantic Loop Show, held this past Saturday, 3/22, was a resounding
success!  The four acts thoroughly entranced the appreciative and eager
audience, and a bigger night of entertainment could not have been found
anywhere else that night, and certainly not for 5 bucks.  Speaking for
myself, I had the greatest time listening to the performers, who came
through in a big way that night, living up to and exceeding all
expectations.  I'm reluctant to provide a review of the music, since I'm
hardly a disinterested party.  If anyone out there from the list attended
the show, please post your comments, as I'm sure there are many out there
(including me) waiting to hear.

Beyond the sheer beauty of the music, it was simply one of those nights
where everything goes right.  Even I hadn't anticipated the huge volume of
equipment which was loaded into and stacked up in the coffeehouse (let's
just say that a lot of oxygen was displaced), and it was a true miracle
that the stage changes-over worked out so smoothly and efficiently.  The
audience was happy, the performers seemed happy to me, the venue owners
were ecstatic.

One important point is that we proved that such a thing is logically
possible and commercially plausible.  The LionFish owners would like to
have more Loop Shows there in the future, so I can tell you all that, yes,
I will likely be organizing a Loop Show II in the summer or fall.  Until
then I'll do my best to hook you loop acts up with other Philly venues and
promoters.  For those of you trying to get gigs in this town I hope you'll
be able to point to the success at the LionFish in support of your efforts.
 There are at least a handful of people for whom this will mean something,
and I am proud to have been a part of this small step forward.  Big thanks
to everyone who performed, attended or otherwise provided advise and
support!  One way or the other I look forward to hearing a lot more looped
music in this town.


My Town: Philadelphia!