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Teed at Jupiter

Hello Stickists and/or Loopers,

        I've managed to find some time between Graduate studies and 
Festival of
Harps stuff to do a solo Gig with my Digital Echoplex: April 3 from 8:00 to
10:00 at Jupiter at 2181 Shattuck in Berkeley. I'll be doing some harder 
jazz-flavored things for an audience used to Peter Apfelbaum and Charley 
so it will be something new for me. If any of you show up, stop by and say 
There's no cover, great draft beer and food, and a lovely outdoor garden.

If you want to hear a sample of what I'll be doing, you can download sound 
my Website at www.traktor.com/presents/teed

I'll also be doing a concert on April 26 at Open Secret in San Rafael with
Sitar, Bass, and Tabla,but I'll post more on that later.

Teed Rockwell