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You asked for it, and now you have it my friend!

>   What would you guys like to see? Please tell me. I would dearly love
> to hear from you on this issue. On a highly related note, tell me how
> you use looping in your musical life: live performance, sound creation
> for recording, practice, song development, etc.

Well, Mr. Nelson, I'm glad you asked!

I would, and I think I speak for a lot of us here, would gladly trade
sampling time for a higher sampling rate.  One of the things I like a
lot about the Rang is that half speed/twice sampling rate-  Believe me,
few enjoy get pitch shifted down and dirty like I do.  A lower sampling
rate can be a beautiful thing-  witness the EMU SP-1200(?) that drum
machine with 12(?) bit, 33khz (help me out here I you guys know this)
sampling.  Sounds fantastic.  The hip-hop locals used to kill themselves
trying to get one of those from Sam Ass (pun intended), and with good
reason.  The most fun I had with your pedal was with the lowest rate,
making a god-awful racket.

One other thing that I haven't seen in any of the unit (doesn't mean
it's not there, however) is a clean split (hopefully unbuffered) from
the back of the box- meaning that without futzing about with mixers, fx
loops, what-have-you you could run a line into, say, a sansamp, and then
into the PA (leaving your guitar/amp sound unblemished) without needing
a splitter box .  I had a traumatic experience with a Morley ABY box
that has left me scarred for life :)

Many have called me a sucker for thinking I can hear the effect of
buffering in fx pedal, but I at least think it makes a difference.  It
bothered me enough to beg a friend of mine to build me the world's only
totally passive effects looper box when I was using ten pedals at a

Just as an aside, the massive impedence mismatch of crappy old footpedal
never really bothered me all that much.  Go figure.

Anyway, those are my two cents.

PS- what ever happened to all the talk about a loopers delight CD?  I
kind of wanted to hear some your collective work...