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Re: Boomerang (back attcha) (fwd)

I'm afraid I have to agree with Andre on the low sample rate of the
'Rang being its biggest drawback.  I went into a store, looking to buy
the B-rang as my number one choice.  I liked the layout of the pedal and
the fact that it was a one-piece unit AND the backwards loop thing
(breaks my heart that the JamMan doesn't).

I plugged it in, drooling copiously, using a sweet Hamer tele and an
even sweeter VHT Pitbull combo (a very clean guitar and amp
combination), and tried to layer a simple chord progression in fourths. 
The sound was just a bit too muddy for layering stuff.  The quality of
loops by themselves sound pretty cool in a low-fi sort of way.  I just
wish it was cleaner.

Kim made a great suggestion a while back when I wrote much the same
thing a while back- that the B-rang had a hugely long sample time, but a
pretty low sampling rate.  I would own one of those bad boys right now
if I had half the sampling time and twice the sampling rate.

Glad to see you are part of the list, Mike.  Hope I put it politically