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Ground Contral q&a

>From:  nyfac
>Reply To:      Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Sent:  Thursday, March 20, 1997 3:18 PM
>To:    John_Ott@ATK.COM
>Subject:       Re: JamMan pedal for free (almost)
>How do you like the ground control pedal?  There has been one on sale in
>the guitar shop by my office for a while, and I think I should be able
>to get it cheap.
>Are the control pedals on it responsive enough?

I like it.  I haven't programmed it yet to get all the program
changes I use in one bank, but using the default setup
was pretty much plug and play.  The foot switches don't
have a lot of "feel" but I've got used to it pretty quickly.  The
program changes messages go out very quickly no noticeable
delay.  I got mine at Washington Music Center in Wheaton MD
(outside DC)  They quoted me a price based on the version 1.0
units they had and gave me the same price when they got some
with 2.4 software even thought their cost went up.
 Their new price for the 2.4 version is $221 plus $6 for a MIDI cable.
You need version 2.x  to send the same program change message 
twice in row.  (like two taps) Version 1.x software filters out what
it believes are redundant program change messages.  I don't
know if you can get a ROM upgrade for a version 1.x pedal.

Anyone know the answer to that?

They'll ship and you can get a quote by sending email to
or check their web page at www.wmcworld.com.