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Secret Loop Show... This monday

My band Overdrive Date Master will be playing an unannouced set this 
monday night (3/24) at Upstairs at Nicks in Phila, pa. (16 S 2nd st). We 
normally use everything from toy monkeys and megaphones to an obie 
(fed  with cassette source material),  analogue synths, dualing theremins, 
etc etc.

This show will concentrate on our new system of tape loops on 8tracks 
as well as the Chordorama which is a 8track looping footpedal device 
similar to the biotron and mellotron. Also in attendance will be 
some Wolensak Reel to reels and other nonsense. 

Our set will start around 9:30-10 making it an early night. 

Check out the web page (below) for more info on ODM and such stuff.

Help Wanted Productions - Bringing you the best in organic electronic and 
sweaty rock music since we started.  Http://www.voicenet.com/~legion

Available next month: "The Feedback Machine" a new studio album 
from the Music for Isolation Tanks live lineup. Only $6.00 postpaid!