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Re: Boomerang: sample time vs. sample rate

>G'day Matthias and everyone else,
>Thanks for your reply.  Using the car analogy that's floating around at 
>moment, I'm in the position of the VW driver:

Me too, actually. It is a 12 year old Parati, which is like a Golf
(=Rabbit) station wagon. Its somewhat rusty but basically solid with what
is necessary.
The beagle (here "Fusca") has been out of production for a while because
its not economic, but now its produced again. Not with the old success
anymore, though.

>"I've seen those big Mercedes around and they sure look nice

there are only about two of them here, in the whole city.
But thats enough about cars now :-)

, but my 2nd
>hand VW cost me $50 and it goes, well, most of the time.  It uses more oil
>than petrol, it's got 4 bald tyres, it leaks in the rain, but it still 
>me where I'm going sooner or later...  Why I should spend $50k on a
>Mercedes when all it gives me is some nice leather seats?"

Price difference it not that big. But, sure, I understand it. I even
understand someone that sais to himself that a Mercedes is harder to drive,
just to feel better with his VW.  :-)

>Hopefully, you get my drift...
>Having not used anything more powerful than a Boss pedal for looping, the
>benefits of the Echoplex just don't seem to me to warrant the extra
>expense.  Realtime MIDI control seems to be the single big plus as I'm
>already using an ART X-15 for controlling other stuff, but a tradeoff is
>that at street prices I could just about buy two Boomerangs for the price
>of an Echoplex.  This would give me the ability to layer two separate 
>on top of each other with realtime control of the volume of each which 
>pretty sure) the Echoplex can't do.

Unless you are only interested in "clowdy" music, I think one loop with
lots of overdubs with good quality serves a lot more than two unsyced with
limited audio quality (I never tried a Rang, but I can imagine more or

>What "advanced" features of the Echoplex do you actually use in real life,
>and what do you use them for?

The feature that made me spend years of my life to build the machine were
FeedBack with good resolution up to exactly infinite repetition, Mulitiply,
Brother Sync and Undo. Maybe this is not the place to explain what they do.
Those are the fundamental ones.
Advanced there are a lot that I do not use, but clients asked for. I mean
its not luxury that I put in to give some shine, but things I originally
rejected to do and users convinced me that they make sense.