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Re: Boomerang: sample time vs. sample rate

> Unless you are only interested in "clowdy" music, I think one loop with
> lots of overdubs with good quality serves a lot more than two unsyced 
> limited audio quality (I never tried a Rang, but I can imagine more or
> less)
..............I'm interested in both control and a certain divine random 
quality.  So, I've just ordered a plex to talk with my Rang and jamfella.
This war has really whet my appetite to do a side-by-side...and I love 
making visa happy.  I just came onto the list and may have missed this 
particular facet, but...what's the plex's max loop time?  I find the 
jamaholic's 32 second limit much too, uh, limiting compared to the Rang.

> The feature that made me spend years of my life to build the machine were
> FeedBack with good resolution up to exactly infinite repetition, 
> Brother Sync and Undo. Maybe this is not the place to explain what they 
> Those are the fundamental ones.
......................................I was just talking to Mike Nelson 
of Boomerang and he told me, not secretly, that there are software (read: 
feature) updates due in the next few months and that current owners will 
be able to upgrade for a nominal charge.  Unfortunately, "undo" is still 
not in the works.  At the moment, that's one of the key features that 
lure me to the plex.  Question:  Can someone tell me a bit more about the 
interface controls with the plex, the switches or whatever?  If this info 
is already in the archive somewhere, just say so and I'll look there.  I 
didn't see such a real description at the Oberheim website.  

thanks...another kim.