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Mic pre and DI's was (Re: Mixer suggestion)

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:04:16 -0600 "Ott, John" <John_Ott@ATK.COM> writes:
>I plan to use some unreplaceable pedals in the straight guitar loop 
>and run the VG-8 outputs into a Vortex and stereo mic pre
> (any suggestions?) to feed a p.a.
>I use a Mackie 1202VLZ, love it.
>My guitar signal goes to an Digitech RP-6 
>and I use it's cabinet simulator
>to send a stereo signal to the Mackie.  
[Big snip of rig info from John Ott] 

Thanks for the suggestion John, but that is way more complex
than I need.  All I want is something that will take the 1/4" outs
of the VG-8 (or processor) and convert them to XLRs.  I'm thinking
primarily about the tube mic preamps from Digitech, Peavey and 
Rocktron.  But I'm interested in any items you folks recommend. The
same goes for two channel tube DI's.  Thanks in advance for the

Robert Williams