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Re: wake up!

  The Boomerang Phrase Sampler has no sync capability, so we strive to
make our loops accurate. Of course without sync they will always drift
apart because we can't tap with micro-second accuracy. I view my part as
secondary to the bass part, so I pay attention and if my loop gets too
far off, I simply restart it on time. I know this is decidedly low tech,
so we are cataloging comments and ideas on syncing for "son of
Boomerang", which is currently nothing more than a fantasy, a fantasy,
ysatnaf a, ysatnaf a ...
  We left MIDI out of the Rang to help keep the cost down and we felt
that the majority of users didn't require sync capabilities. This is
proving to be correct. We do realize that more advanced and adventurous
loop scapers may want to sync several pieces of equipment. Maybe "sob"
will sync.

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