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Re: wake up!

>  The Boomerang Phrase Sampler has no sync capability, so we strive to
>make our loops accurate. Of course without sync they will always drift
>apart because we can't tap with micro-second accuracy. I view my part as
>secondary to the bass part, so I pay attention and if my loop gets too
>far off, I simply restart it on time.

I see, you can restart. That makes it. If you restart often enough, you
never get out of sync... and never away from the foot pedal :-) ... could
that be fed from outside, from an audio source or so, somehow?

>  We left MIDI out of the Rang to help keep the cost down and we felt
>that the majority of users didn't require sync capabilities. This is
>proving to be correct. We do realize that more advanced and adventurous
>loop scapers may want to sync several pieces of equipment. Maybe "sob"
>will sync.

Yes, it does not need to be MIDI. BrotherSync is better for looping, and if
we can expand it to "NephewSync" for a Sob-Plex joint...