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Re: Stage monitors

Kim Corbet wrote:

>I just started learning guitar.  How accurate/flexible ARE
> these amp simulators...can they really achieve the variety I'm used to
> with a mesa boogie???

Nothing is going to sound like your Mesa but your Mesa...  I love my
SansAmp classic ('tho I'm not so thrilled with my GT-2) but it is an
entirely different tool- albeit a much more portable one. For years my
tone was Rat pedal, stereo eq, quadraverb and a pa and I loved it.  Now
I have a Mesa too (a Maverick) and I love that also (not to mention
about fifty little amps).

If your are looking to use the pa as your amp, it might be a good idea
to start with a fresh ear, rather than trying to get the exact analog of
what you have now.  Tube does not nessesarilt the only ticket to good
tone-  I just saw Unwound last weekend (gtr and bass had matching Sunn
Concert solid state heads (anyone who can see these guys should-the
guitarist tortures his Maestro Echoplex in the most entertaining ways))
and their tone was unbelievable.  Nick Cave's guitarist uses a SansAmp
and nothing else (not that Blixa guy, but the other one).

Doesn't Michael Brook use a PSA-1 right into a pa?

Go into it without any preconceived expectations and just try to find
something that sounds good in its own right.